Kingdom of Belgium in Serbian historical newspapers


Relations between Serbia and Belgium have been friendly and close almost always. Two countries similar in size, on the opposite ends of European continent, share many relations since the mid 19th century, which can be best perceived through a review of historic newspapers. Newspapers as a specific pulse of the society represent many of the aspects of the society. From sports and culture to politics and economy all segments of life can be appreciated though the form of the newspaper article. Thus, the portal ''Kingdom of Belgium in Serbian historic newspapers'' represent a great place to start to research relations between Belgium and Serbia and also a place where one can enrich his or hers knowledge of different aspects of relations between these two countries.


University library ''Svetozar Markovic'' in collaboration with Adligat society, on the occasion of the birthday of Philippe of Belgium, monarch of Belgium, is offering the portal ''Kingdom of Belgium in Serbian historic newspapers'' to citizens of Serbia, Belgium and the world, to researchers interested in history and relations between these two peoples, and to all those who believe that we learn history so that we are not prisoners of the time and the place in which we are born. By browsing of more than 400 articles of Serbian historic newspapers that relate to Belgian sport,  domestic and foreign policy, military, police, education, economy, agriculture and other areas, readers can find out a lot about Belgium of the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century, but also indirectly about Serbia which newspapers related the news of the, at that time, distant country.  


Portal ''Kingdom of Belgium in Serbian historic newspapers'' was made by selection of material originating in pretraziva.rs the largest keyword searchable digital library of Western Balkans region, numbering more than 600.000 pages of mostly newspaper materials from collections of culture institutions of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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